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Half A Million Secrets

half-a-million-secretsLet me share with you a story about a “community art project” where one man has become a curator of over half a million anonymously shared confessions, all via postcard. This once “crazy idea” started in 2004 by Frank Warren and has since gone viral birthing The PostSecret Project, which includes six books, a brand new app and the ever popular PostSecret.com – where he shares many of these secrets and is also “the busiest ad-free blog in the world.” He’s had hundreds of millions of views. Insane number right?!?

I first learned of PostSecret.com, in January, while listening to Guy Raz on the TED Radio Hour. His conversation with curator, Frank Warren, had me so fascinated with the very real human condition of shame, keeping secrets and the fear of showing others who we really are.

Hidden under anonymity, people creatively reveal their darkest secrets on a postcard. Then mail them off to what I would guess is one of the most famous mailboxes in Germantown, Maryland. Random people drive by & stop to take a selfie with this inanimate object tagged with sentimental greetings. If you were to peek inside, you may find a few a postcards that would read like….

“Everyone who knew me before 911 – believes I’m dead.”

“This was supposed to be my last sunset.”

“I hate being a teenager.”

A great deal of the delivered postcards are heartbreaking, and The PostSecret community has seen a need and reached out to help those hurting to raise over $1,000,000 for suicide prevention programs.

We all wake in the morning and unconsciously decide what we’ll reveal or conceal about ourselves in any given day. I get it, sometimes authenticity is cumbersome to carry, (at the moment). We either let people see the person they think we are OR intentionally show them the person we really are. That human need to be known and heard is a vital component to feeling valued and part of a community. This weekend, I was so taken by something my pastor said, “you are only as secure as the focus of your trust.” For me, my security and trust must lie in something far greater than myself. My strength – my security – my trust, all come from above. The one true God that comforts me, without judgement, is the same one who never left in those times I felt hopeless. I’m sure the next question you have is – well then, have you really felt extreme hopelessness? My experiences are mine, I could never begin to compare what I consider painful to what others would consider painful in their own lives. My experiences have come and gone various times over many years, but what I felt while in a ball – shaking with fear – bruised – no money – wasted away to physical nothingness – asking will my child survive – feeling totally abandoned….losing hope was never an option. DOUBT??? Yes – tons of it. But only in my circumstances, never in my God and never in the kindness of those that would listen through my tears.

It’s evident we desire to share/purge parts of ourselves without fear of condemnation. This is what The PostSecret community does for so many hurting people who need to share, but with anonymity. It gives them a voice. Just ask the half a million secrets stacked in the basement at the end of a road in Germantown, Maryland.

Sit back & enjoy this eleven minute video. I think you will have a fond appreciation for Frank Warren when you are finished watching. Share below and tell me what you think.

“Secrets can be walls or bridges.” – Frank Warren





Burns the Fire - February 17, 2015 - 8:21 am

This project is gorgeous and so deeply poignant. Thanks for shining the light!

Desiree - Her Hazel Eyes - February 17, 2015 - 11:04 pm

I couldn’t be happier that you left smiling.

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Happy Mail for Everyone!

happy mailSo I can’t be alone in my love for HAPPY MAIL! In this digital world of one click “friends” there is a silent boom going on around us. A sort of rebellion. Can you hear it? It’s that tiny creak of the mail box when you open it and the silent bend of your lips upward when you find a sweet note from a friend tucked away inside.

Happy Mail for Everyone!

Growing up, I loved to write and receive letters. And when I say “I loved” to write them – I mean that “literally.” As in – I practiced my penmanship by writing letters. I could do it for hours. I would practice by writing music lyrics, copy poems from books and write lots and lots of letters. I was that grandchild who really did write her grandmothers. Writing and then sending a pretty note made me a bit giddy inside.

How about pen-pals? Do you remember them? Oh-My-Gosh…pen-pals were so special to me.  When I was twelve, I had two. Gunilla lived in Sweden, (she had the most beautiful penmanship), and Nicole Popovich was from upstate New York. I lit up when I had mail from either of these faceless gals. Somewhere after high school we all lost touch, but those girls meant the world to this teenage introvert who was being sucked up by all of her family chaos.

I want to bring thoughtful back. I say we do it…. collectively and intentional. Purely to alter someone’s day, if only for a moment. This week I sat down by the fire with a hot chai and just started scribbling and before I knew it, I had multiple cards ready to go.

Are you ready to give someone a healthy dose of happy? I personally will be doing this weekly. Will you  join me? Comment here or tag me on Instagram and let me know that you are sharing a little happy today.

you can never have too much happy





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Be You Bravely

go confidently in the direction of your dreams...

This year: I choose to be brave. 

And I’ll be choosing to do it with passion and boldness. For me, being brave takes stepping out in God’s calling for my life, which seems do-able, but HUGE. And also has me thankful my confidence is Him and not in my own abilities.

So far… This year begins with big dreams, answered prayers and tons of trepidation. All of which could and do seem daunting – which, by the way, is why when I wake in the morning and these feet hit the ground, I pray for a full spirit of passion – on His terms, not mine. The fear I feel, it pretty much sparks that passion. And for me – fear + passion is a jolt to my senses far better than coffee.

This year, I encourage you to bravely seek your passion. It’s taken my entire adult life to find mine and now that I have, I’m choosing to not let fear stand in the way of these dreams.

Be You Bravely

Heather - February 21, 2015 - 7:50 pm

Love this!!!

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Cheers To A New Year


Cheers everyone! It’s January and I’m back to stay! I start each new year with ridiculously good intentions. Knowing myself better than, say – most anyone ever. I thought I would break it down realistically, as in – no excuses Des – you got this!

There are a few things that I am really excited to share with you.

THE FIRST CHANGE: …is this blog. I created it exactly as I wanted it – two years ago. And life has changed. I’ve changed. My goals for one, two and three, have changed. So I have made a commitment to create content I would want to read regularly if I were to randomly find my blog “out there.” With that, there is the blog-logic that comes with having a blog. The blogger must post multiple (3-5) posts a week to maintain readership, and with that comes commitment anxiety I’m not willing to marry. And I don’t want you as a reader to keep up with my insanity either.

I have this unfounded belief that people are not interested in what I’m up to or what story I have to share, but then I am humbled by my subscription numbers, and I feel incredibly grateful to have people who stop by regularly to say Hi!… and see what I’ve written lately. This new year means good-bye to my innate ability to maintain inconsistency when it comes to the blog. I won’t be filling content for content sake, but I am committing to make it worth your time for stopping by. Creative, visual content all the time. And by all the time, I mean I will be posting weekly – a minimum of once – with an occasional post intermittently dropped in as the creative bug bites.

THE SECOND CHANGE: …will happen shortly. I’ve been investigating every possible angle of opening my own small business. My biggest hurdle has been my own self doubt. Being strong for everyone else and their big life decisions has brought me such joy & fulfillment. It’s time to pay myself back and do something for myself.  As women, we are the fearless cheerleaders for everyone in our own lives, yet we feel a twinge of selfishness if we turn the mirror onto ourselves to catch a cheerful glance and a little “yay-me” smiling back at us. This year I’m committing to shove fear aside and move forward with this business. Yep, saying it out loud pretty much makes it as real as it gets.

Insert scream here.

less self doubt more self love

{inspiration image credits}… cabin // dunes

I have a genuine love of hand-lettering. Since I was a child, I played with drop lines, tails and ligatures.  I’m ready to get down to business. It’s time to stoke this fire in my belly, raise up the creativity the good Lord has been working in me and stretch myself in directions I never thought possible.

When I hit my stride – I’ll be making cards, prints, personalized stationary and collaborative pieces. I want to bring personally designed and beautifully illustrated, quality work to your door, from someone you know and trust. Me.

AND THE FINAL CHANGE: …I will be doing some sprucing up around here as well. After almost two years, this little space needs a facelift. I know just the lady to make it happen and you’re looking at her. I have so many ideas, but mostly, I want this blog to represent my brand and in turn be a place you would like to come back for a visit.

You can follow me over on INSTAGRAM to get a peek at what I’ve been up to since you’ve last heard from me.

Blessings, and CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR!




Steve - January 8, 2015 - 1:27 pm

I’m so proud to see you move forward with your incredible skill and creativity! Can’t wait to see what lies ahead. I’m you’re biggest fan.

Danielle - January 9, 2015 - 8:07 am

I’m so happy for you and proud that you’re ready to share your talents!

Desiree - Her Hazel Eyes - January 9, 2015 - 1:26 pm

I am thankful beyond words for your constant support & unconditional love.

Desiree - Her Hazel Eyes - January 9, 2015 - 1:28 pm

This ride has been a wild one. I’m sure you will hear a play by play as it goes. Oh…didn’t I just give you one via phone 2 minutes ago? – ya, thought so. :)

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Inspired by Color: Spring Fling

An intoxicating color inspiration. Spring is here & where I live, the colors are on fire. I’m unsure of why these varying hues draw me in. Is it fuschia? Is it pink? Is it raspberry? Not only can I not find what color it is – exactly, I can’t find the proper spelling for the word fuschia. With a quick google search I found 4 different spellings alone. Apparently this misspelling is so commonly used that it is unofficially the correct misspelling. Spelling aside, I am determined to find a fabulous summer jacket in one of these shades of  pink-slash-orange-slash-raspberry-slash-fuschia.

one:: cobble hill striped lacey

two:: vintage rotary telephone

three:: spring arrangement

four:: gerber cherry accent chair

five:: raspberry red cutout sandals

six:: frozen strawberry mojito

seven:: poppy

Color Inspiration

eight:: a festive party scene

nine:: triple berry delight

ten:: “darling clementine” serving tray

eleven:: colorful pantone mugs

twelve:: God’s perfection: antelope canyon

thirteen:: suzani patterned pillow

fourteen:: sketchbook watercolors

fifteen:: a cheerful michelle armas print

Is there a color that you are drawn to?  Are you inspired by color? Ready for a spring fling? As if you couldn’t guess, right now, this particular color in various hues would be mine.

live colorfully

danielle - April 16, 2013 - 8:40 am

THREE and TWELVE! Beautiful.

Desiree' - Her Hazel Eyes - April 16, 2013 - 11:59 am

Funny how I knew those two would be your favorite. Gorgeous right?!?

Shelly minettesmaze.blogspot.com/ - April 16, 2013 - 5:09 pm

2 and 6!!! Love this post! Festive!

Shelly- minettesmaze.blogspot.com

Thecollectioncup - April 17, 2013 - 6:48 am

4,6,9, and 15 are my favorites!. The colors make me want to dart outside! Here in NY we are just starting to see some color. Great post!

Desiree' - Her Hazel Eyes - April 17, 2013 - 12:37 pm

These colors do give you a little hop your step. I’m so glad you enjoyed these selections.

Lou (Linda) - May 28, 2013 - 8:58 am

ACK! I never put your blog into my feed reader and have missed out on so much! I look forward to going back through all of your posts. But for now, can I just say I would like a silk dress made out of #15???? Love. :-)

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